200g Sweet Bag - Bubs Variety

200g Sweet Bag - Bubs Variety


A 200g bag filled with a selection of Bubs sweets. 


The sweets come in a rainbow coloured bag, sealed with a 'My Sweet Vegan' Sticker. 


These will be sent in a padded envelope to keep costs of sending to you to a minimum. On arrival, we recommend transferring the sweets to an airtight container, to keep them fresh for longer. (That's if you can resist eating them straight away.


Perfect for taking them to the cinema, theatre, a friends house, or wherever the world takes you.


Our Variety include: 

Cool Melon Skull Foam 

Cool Raspberry Skull Foam

Sour Foam Romb - Tutti Frutti

Banana Bubs 

Octopus Sours 


Please watch this space, we are constantly adding more.