Vegan Sweet Cones - Pinks

Vegan Sweet Cones - Pinks


Vegan Sweet Cones


Perfect to give as a favour at a baby shower, birthday party, or just to say thank you to someone.


We have a huge variety of sweets, these are a great addition to any vegan or if you want a friendlier sweet.  


Our range is ever expanding to new and retro sweets, and we pride ourselves on ensuring you get a mix of all your childhood favourites as well some sweet suprises along the way. 


Our sweets include: Fizzy cola bottles, sour dummies, dracula teeth,  tongue painters, fizzy strawberries, giant strawberries, fizzy cherry cola bottles, sour candy shocks, meerkats, fizzy twin cherries, swizzles double dip originals flying saucers, love hearts, refresher bars, rainbow drops, parma violets, sour blue starrs, apple belts, candy whistles, American hard gums, love heart mini rolls, jelly mini mix, vimto chew bars, fizzy tongues, mermaids, sour melon slices, rainbow dust straws, original fizzers, jawbreakers, space mix, love heart lipsticks, cola bottles, candy necklaces, funky fruit, fruity pops, sour apple chew bars, swizzel double lollies, drumstick stick packs, stinger chew bars, aniseed balls, big sour zappers, sherbert straws, fizzy sour apples, fruit-tella koalas, golf ball gum, refresher choos, dino rex sours, barley sugar, sherbert lemons, apple & watermelon fizzy, strawberry & lemonade fizzy, pineapple & coconut fizzy, mango & passion fruit fizzy, strawberries & cream, rhubarb & custards, fruit-tella sour snakes, bubblegum fizz boiled sweets.  


We have many more coming soon, so please look out.